Complex Problem- Phase II

Lauren Shinske

Framed Question: How can Michigan State University change or eliminate transitional housing so that all freshmen are placed in permanent housing by the time they arrive on campus?

Divergent Thinking:

  1. Michigan State University should increase the initial deposit potential students pay to hold their spot.
  2. Students should be given rooms based on when they signed their housing contract, on a first come first served basis.
  3. A waiting list should be created after all rooms are filled, instead of placing students in transitional rooms.
  4. The time span upper classman are given to sign up for on campus housing should be decreased. Currently they are given from October to April.
  5. Freshman should not be allowed to choose their roommate.
  6. Transitional housing should only occur in the bigger rooms on campus, such as Akers where there is an extra space for the student to be placed.
  7. Freshman should be able to sign up for housing online just like upperclassman. Once spots are full they would be put on a waiting list.
  8. MSU should use their University apartments to house extra students.
  9. MSU should limit the amount of upperclassman that can live on campus.
  10. The number of single rooms should be decreased or eliminated.
  11. Freshmen who are put in transitional housing should have the option to move off campus.
  12. Students who do not register for classes should not be given a room.
  13. MSU should only accept the amount of students they have room to house.
  14. Students who have paid their deposit, signed up for housing, and signed up for orientation will get priority for receiving housing first.
  15. Move in day should be made earlier to see which students actually show up.
  16. As students cancel their enrollment, students on the waiting list will be assigned housing.
  17. Study lounges in halls with communal bathrooms can be used to house students.
  18. Build brand new dorms for students.
  19. Offer promotions or discounts to students who sign their housing contract first.
  20. MSU should add a deposit to the housing contract that is non-refundable but is put towards the student’s tuition.

Convergent Thinking:

Title: Spartans: Your Room. Your Choice.

In order for Michigan State University to eliminate transitional housing and guarantee students a permanent room by the time they arrive on campus a new process must be implemented. First, the initial deposit will be increased in order to eliminate students who are uncertain if MSU is where they will be attending school in the fall. Second, Michigan State will set a specific number of students they can accept at the beginning of the year and then that number of rooms will be reserved. Upperclassman then will be allowed to sign up for the remaining on-campus spaces starting in November and ending in March. Pushing back the starting date for housing will allow current students to compare their options and select future roommate(s) before feeling pressured to make a decision. Once all the remaining spaces that were not for freshman have been filled, on-campus housing will then be unavailable for upperclassman. Michigan State will allow incoming freshman to sign up for housing based on three things, paying the initial deposit, choosing an orientation date, and signing a housing contract. Once those three things are submitted and cleared freshman will have access to the new and improved website in order to choose their room assignment. The third and last item that will change for on-campus housing is single rooms will no longer be available to students. This will allow Michigan State to accept the max amount of students for the amount of space they have.