Advertisement Evaluation


This advertisement is for the Hasbro product Play-Doh. The simplicity of the advertisement makes it very easy to understand what the ad is trying to get across. In the red badge is a list of the multiple creations kids or adults can use Play-Doh for. This list has items on it like a tea set, a rocket, a car, a light saver, and more. This list truly describes the versatility and the mass imagination Play-Doh gives children. The size of the product itself is also good. It’s not overly large, and appears to be the actual size of Play-Doh consumers would receive. The white background also gives the ad a lot of impact by drawing the viewer’s eyes straight to the product itself. The color of the badge being red, the color of the Play-Doh being blue, and the background being white also give the advertisement a red, white, and blue theme. This depicts the products origin of America and how it has become a classic American toy throughout the years.

The description of what could be made with the Play-Doh though could be sized better. The creators of the advertisement probably made the print the size it is in order to make the list seem longer, as if it goes on forever, showing the product has an infinite list of possibilities to be crafted out of. However, this makes it hard for the viewers to read what awesome creations can be made out of Play-Doh and it does take away from the cleverness of the ad. The advertisement also lacks a call to action. There is no place in the advertisement that says where consumers can buy the product or how much it costs.

Lastly, this advertisement appeals to a wide audience. By having the color of the Play-Doh be blue and having the descriptions of what can be created with it, the ad is able to appear gender neutral. Because of the advertisements simplicity, it is also easy for people of all age ranges to understand.