Lauren Shinske 

           Kevin Beals is an established Creative Director for Novitex Enterprise Solutions. He attended Ferris State University and graduated with a bachelors degree in Visual Communication. He was always a creative kid, finding enjoyment in classes where he was able to design and create things. Mr. Beals shared a lot of knowledge that he has learned throughout his time in the industry. There are three rules that he followed throughout his life that guided him to where he is today. First having the drive and passion to do something, then doing that by giving it as much effort as you possibly can, and then continuing to challenge everything you do in order to make it the best you can.

            Being the Creative Director for Novitex Enterprise Solutions consists of overseeing a team of creative developers as they develop supporting materials for Novitex internal and external clients and providing additional support to other Novitex departments who support their client base. Mr. Beals creates visual marketing designs, slogans, and ideas for Novitex clients. In order to come up with these creative ideas Mr. Beals has to find inspiration, which he finds, through the environment, his experience, people he meets, what people are wearing, signage, trends, what his children are doing, and music. Once he has become inspired he then looks at what the clients’ objective is. By understanding his clients’ audience and what they are trying to convey with their brand, he is then able to take his ideas and create pieces of marketing. He views his work as solving a problem, which to him is far greater than color or font image, having the power to blend advertising and creative together makes for one impactful message, and happy client.

            Don McClain, an illustrator designer, mentored Mr. Beals during his sophomore and junior year of high school. He taught Mr. Beals different parts of the business, creative techniques, strategy thinking, and the in’s and out’s of it all. The mentor also greatly influenced him to join the creative industry as an adult. He also enjoyed the creative portion of school, liked to solve problem, and had fun doing it. He is motivated creativity by the ultimate goal to have a happy client and a happy team. When he knows he is onto something he will stick with it, continue to brainstorm because in the end something will come out of it. Ideas tend to run themselves and will only continue to grow and flow. He is most creative in the fall, which is his seasonal state of mind. When he experiences his creative blocks he shuts it off and goes to bed.

            My interview with Mr. Beals was very inspirational. Even though he was not the greatest kid in math and science he was still able to use his creative side to have a successful career and life for himself and his family. He also had opportunities to leave Michigan and go to New York or Chicago. However being rooted in his hometown he decided to stay and find organizations where he could put to use his graphic and creative skills. Kevin currently resides in Farmington Hills with his wife and two kids.


Complex Problem- Phase I

Lauren Shinske

My Topic: Transitional Housing

Explanation of the Problem: How can we eliminate transitional housing for incoming freshman and create more space so that students who want to live on campus are guaranteed a permanent space immediately? One problem that I personally and many other MSU students experience as freshman is transitional housing. This is a problem that ensues when the university has too many students requesting or signing up for housing on campus. Therefore in order to fit all the students they are forced to squeeze three people into a room designed for two, or five people into a room designed for four.



  1. Transitional housing can last throughout the summer and throughout the first couple weeks of the school year. If all three students agree, they can also choose to live in transitional housing the entire year. Students mutually agree on who will move and who will stay, if they cant decide on their own LiveOn will look at who has the most recent housing application date and that person will be moved. (Transitional Housing Q&A)
  2. Students are moved when openings occur. This occurs when the housing office receives cancel reports, students choose not to return, or students decide to leave the university. They then decide where students are placed based on which neighborhood they currently reside in, if they requested a roommate, and if they are in a residential college. (Transitional Housing Q&A)
  3. Transitional housing occurs because MSU is currently remodeling dorms each year, residential colleges attract upperclassman to want to continue to live on campus, and students sign a housing contract but decide not to come to MSU. (Transitional Housing Q&A)
  4. Students who live in transitional housing receive a discount, which comes out to around $606.00 if they lived in a double with three people or $303.00 if they lived in a quad with five people for the entire semester. (Transitional Housing Q&A)
  5. Students are moved out of transitional housing first based on the factors of if they had a roommate request, if they are enrolled in a living learning program/residential college, if they are in need of winter break housing, and out of state students. (Transitional Housing Q&A)
  6. Michigan State continues to accept student when they are unable to immediately accommodate them because they know not all students who sign up for housing will show up and some students who move in will leave the university within the first few weeks. (Transitional Housing Q&A)
  7. Transitional housing is disruptive. Students have to move twice and have to get to know two sets of roommates. LiveOn offers their staff to help students move. (Transitional Housing Q&A)
  8. In 2013, 439 rooms were assigned as transitional rooms in the beginning of the summer, by the time school began that number had dropped to 181 rooms affecting a total of 545 students. (McGuire)
  9. Transitional Housing occurs in all five MSU neighborhoods. All rooms come equipped with additional furnishings in order to accommodate for the extra person. (Transitional Housing Assignments at Michigan State University)
  10. Michigan State University has transitional housing because MSU considers itself a residential campus and thinks it is important for all students to have the on-campus experience. Therefore they guarantee housing for new students and allow for upperclassman to continue living on throughout their education. (Transitional Housing Assignments at Michigan State University)


1. Transitional housing is stressful for students.
2. Michigan State University should only accept students who they have enough room for.
3. Michigan State University should evaluate the amount of students who pay their tuition bill and the number of students who signed up for housing to better identify students who will be living on campus for the year.
4. Students can feel like the third wheel when they know they will be the one moving out but are still waiting to find out where they will be moved.
5. Freshman students if put in transitional have no way out of this situation, they are forced to live in tight areas for an unknown period of time.


1. Michigan State University has continued to increase the number of students in transitional housing throughout the years.
2. Transitional housing is not a new thing at Michigan State University.
3. Michigan State University is working hard to find a solution or alternative to transitional housing.
4. Transitional housing occurs at all colleges across the United States.
5. Some students enjoy living in transitional housing and choose to continue to live in transitional throughout the year.
How can Michigan State University change or eliminate transitional housing so that all freshmen are placed in permanent housing by the time they arrive on campus?

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McGuire, Justine. “Transitional Housing Down from Start of School Year.” The State News [East Lansing] 26 Sept. 2013: n. pag. Print.

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